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Welcome to the ERI Group Ltd.


We are specialist Probate Researchers specialising in tracing living beneficiaries so that they can inherit a share of a deceased estate. In many cases our beneficiaries have no idea that they are even related to the deceased person and have often had no knowledge of them.


When we make contact with beneficiaries we will often send several documents that need to be signed and returned to us, along with other documents to prove their identity. Without all of these documents the claim cannot be completed, so it is critical that these be completed and returned in a timely manner.


If you are approached by ERI, please feel free to contact us or have your lawyer contact our lawyers to confirm that this is a completely genuine and real situation. We do appreciate that there is a lot of fraud in the world and we are proud of our immaculate record for dealing with clients in an open and timely manner. We would never compromise that record.


Please feel free to talk to us at any time, by phone or by email. We welcome you and look forward to working with you to bring any claim to completion.







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